Table Talkers

Spark conversation with some eye catching table talkers, perfect for doing the talking for you. With a whole variety of durable, vibrant finishes, there has never been a better way to spread the word.

Really get your customers’ chins wagging while they’re waiting with one of our terrific Table Talkers. Catch their eye with a personalised design that outlines your offers, promotions, menus or price lists, while there is a selection of templates available for you to choose from. These three-sided, Silk stock gems are available in a selection of sizes, perfect for creating conversation, and making a massive impact wherever you choose to showcase them.

Table talkers are a versatile display accessory that can be used in many industries including pubs, restaurants, banks and showrooms as well as any office, reception or waiting area.

Their multi-faced design makes them ideal for displaying all of your promotions, events or information in one compact counter standing display.

Here, we take a closer look at the features and benefits of table talkers, and how they can help your business.

What are table talkers?

Table talkers, also known as menu holders, are multi-faced POS displays manufactured from clear plastic for counter top displays. They are designed in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles to suit any décor and industry. Typically, they are designed to hold standard paper sizes in a rectangular unit.

Why do I need a table talker?

Table talkers do exactly what their name suggests; they talk to your customers, visitors or clients so that you don’t have to. They create a simple, inviting and interactive display for people to pick up and read whilst they wait or are sat down.

Where should I display a table talker?

For maximum visibility, it is best to place a table talker in an area where customers are likely to be waiting or sitting.

So for example in a bar, these would be placed on the bar top and on tables. In a bank, they could be placed in the waiting area, in the appointment rooms and along the queue.

Where ever you place them, make sure that they can be picked up and read easily to ensure you are really making the most out of all your advertising space.

What are table talkers made of?

We manufacture our table talkers from Plexiglas. They are typically clear so that no matter what graphic you use it can be seen clearly, however we can make custom table talkers in your required material, colour, size and style.