Perspex Promotional Displays

A fantastic promotional display unit can be custom can be designed to feature your brand prominently using premium materials to make a formal and unique promotional unit, and markets your brand perfectly!

Clear acrylic can be printed on the reverse for the print to show through the clear panel, giving an extremely high gloss premium look to the unit.

Corporate branding is featured throughout and a dedicated cut-out has been made to allow for the product to be picked up and viewed then placed back into the unit neatly.

We also offer a complete design service for products designed specifically around your requirements.

We can create units that would be perfect for any small item such as cosmetics, make up, perfumes and more.

Our Perspex and Plexiglas point of sale display units are an affordable and effective way to improve your business displays, right where the customers can see them.

Our point of sales covers a wide spectrum of products, from Perspex leaflet holders to plastic shelf talkers, all of which are vital in certain industries.

Perspex point of sale products can be customised to suit your business needs and the light weight design means they can be moved around easily and frequently.

Acrylics are an excellent way to display your products and information.

We offer a large range to suit almost any product display from nail polish to jewellery and mobile phones and a great selection of menu, leaflet and brochure holders.