Brochure and Menu Holders

Brochure holders are an important part of an organized brand presentation. Brochures serve to present companies, their products and/or services. Customers want to be able to see and choose which brochures they want to read and if they are not displayed correctly, brochures can end up being a waste of money. Consumers are more likely to read a brochure that's been professionally displayed than to leave it in a messy pile.

The brochure holders enable a correct and clear presentation of the brochures in easily accessible areas. Brochure holders can also be converted into magazine or newspaper stands, which keep the reading of the literature in a tidy compartment that is easy to see and accessible.

The uses or benefits of a brochure holder:

Where Brochure Holders Can Have the Most Impact

Two types of Menu Holder

Acrylic menu holders frame a menu card or sheet of paper and are designed for table top display. These are great for displaying limited lunch menus, special offers, or public information notices.

 Clip or Grip Menu Holders are designed to hold laminated or card menus firmly and display them upright. Customers can then remove them to order and simply place them back on the stand. Menus need to be strong enough to withstand extensive handling and the stresses of being pushed in and out of sturdy stands. To display your menu.

Menu holders hold standalone menus for customers to pick up and peruse, or provide a protective frame to display your menu on a table.