Engineered Plastics

Polystone 300 High-Density Polyethylene

Polystone 300 HDPE sheets are manufactured in accordance with PE80 guidelines. Polystone 300 HDPE sheets are a rigid material available in large sheets sizes and varying colours. Polystone 300 is ideal for general use in plant engineering, tank construction and waste water industry, where all round chemical resistance and weatherability are required.

Key Benefits of Engineered Plastics:

Weldable/Bendable - suitable for fabrication

UV Resistant - Black only

Physiologically inert - approved for food applications (Natural only)

Electrical insulation - it is a good insulator

Weatherproof - it doesn't absorb water

Chemical resistance - resists corrosive chemicals (e.g. Sulphuric Acid, Caustic Soda)

Impact resistance


Temperature resistant ideal for freezers.

Applications of Engineered Plastics:

Plastic Fabrication


Storage Vessels

Waste Water Chemical Process Industry

Food Industry

Cutting Boards

Butchers Preparation Table