Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming (also known as Thermoforming) is an advanced process of plastic moulding that utilizes sophisticated pneumatic, hydraulic and heat control systems. This process uses extruded plastic sheets and has a secondary process of trimming, drilling, routering and possibly assembly to get the formed sheet to arrive at the finished part. The trimmed waste can then be re-ground and recycled.

We will gladly look at any of your designs and recommend the correct material and gauge of material to bring your component to " life".

Vacuum forming offers several processing advantages over other forming processes. Low forming pressures are used thus enabling comparatively low-cost tooling. This allows for great cost of production.

Since the process uses low pressures, the moulds can be made of inexpensive materials and mould fabrication time can be reasonably short. Prototype and low quantity requirements of large parts, as well as medium size run therefore become economical. More sophisticated machines and moulds are used for continuous automated production of high-volume items.